Car Shift Knob Upgrades

Car Shift Knob Upgrades

A car shift knob might seem like a small upgrade, but it can have an impact on the way your manual transmission car feels to drive. Choosing the right shift knob can help you make more precise shifts with less effort, making the car feel smoother to drive.

Shift knobs are available in a variety of materials, shapes and attachment styles. The most popular type is made from aluminum or stainless steel.


Weighing in at 440g our weighted shift knob will transform the way you work your manual transmission. Its heaviness gives you added momentum during the shifting process, allowing for a smoother transition between gears. The shape and weight also allows for multiple shifting positions, including overhand, angled overhand, and side grip shifts.

The heaviness of a KymCast shift knob also helps to dampen (and thus reduce) any vibration or road feedback that may be transmitted through your hand during shifting. This further helps to provide a more smooth and consistent feel while shifting.

There are some people who claim that a heavy shift knob will damage your transmission by creating more strain and wear on the shifter and bushings. However, this is a completely unfounded myth. The force of a heavy shift knob is applied to the bushings holding the shift linkage and shift fork, not the actual transmission itself.

Whether you’re looking for a performance upgrade or just want to add some style to your interior, a weighted shift knob is the perfect addition to any manual vehicle. Available in a variety of different car shift knob finishes and sizes, there’s sure to be a KymCast gear shift knob that’s perfect for your car. Plus, all Boomba shift knobs come with a durable delrin shell that protects against the elements.


The Hybrid shift knob from Raceseng features a Delrin outer case and solid stainless steel base. This allows the knob to stay cool in your hands, unlike metal construction knobs that can get hot. The added weight of the stainless steel core also adds a little extra heft to the shifter.

The additional mass of a heavy shift knob helps to absorb the energy that is reflected back into your hand and fingers when shifting. This can help reduce the notchy feel of a Miata’s transmission. However, too much of a heavy knob can cause excessive wear on the shifter’s synchros. It is important to find a balance that works best for your driving style and the specific make and model of your car.

A heavy knob may also take slightly longer to shift because it takes more effort to move. This may be a problem for some drivers who prefer a quick and precise shift. However, some drivers find that they actually like the way a heavier shift knob feels in their hands.

Other factors to consider when selecting a shift knob include its shape and color. Some drivers prefer a taller knob, while others want a smaller one. The overall look of the knob should match your interior styling and car’s trim color(s). Finally, you should also consider how comfortable the shift knob feels in your hand.


Aluminum shift knobs are an affordable way to add a premium luxury car air freshener feel to your manual transmission car. They come in a variety of shapes and weights to suit your preferences. Some manufacturers also offer additional features like a knurled grip for added performance driving.

If you’re looking for a weighted shift knob, look for one made of a metal alloy that is easy to machine. These are often less expensive than other options and may be more comfortable for your hands to hold while shifting. However, it’s important to remember that a heavier knob can increase the time it takes for your vehicle to change gears.

Another important feature of a metal shift knob is that it can be machined to be a specific height. Some manufacturers offer cylinder-shaped shift knobs that are designed for side gripping, while others have a contoured design that can work for multiple shifting positions.

Some metal shift knobs can get hot to the touch in the summer, but you can solve this problem by draping a towel over the shifter when your car is parked. You can also use a cloth bag or wrap over the knob to keep it cool in the winter. This will reduce the chance of your fingers slipping off the knob and causing an accident. Some companies also make titanium shift knobs that are lighter than aluminum but still strong and durable.


A good car shift knob is a critical component in any manual transmission car. It’s one of the most frequently used parts in a car, and its design can have a significant impact on your driving experience. The right knob can be more comfortable in your hand, giving you better control over the shifting process. It can also dampen vibration or road feedback. In addition, the shape of the knob affects how you reach for it, which can have a major impact on your shifting style and technique.

Some manufacturers make shift knobs that are specifically designed for their vehicle’s transmission system. They are often heaver than other shift knobs, which can provide a more substantial feel in your hand and improve the shifting process. However, an excessively heavy shift knob can cause premature wear on the transmission synchros, so it’s important to balance comfort and performance when selecting a shift knob for your car.

Some plastic shift knobs are molded from a single piece, and others are made from two separate components. A hard core is surrounded by a soft sheath produced in a second process step. A mold is then cast around the extrudate, creating a cavity that can be filled with a variety of materials. For example, foam, film, or a decorative ring can be applied to the upper free end of the shift knob.

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