Cute Air Fresheners

Cute Air Fresheners

Cute air fresheners are an affordable way to keep your car or home smelling great. They come in a variety of styles from plug-ins to stickers, sprays and candles. Some are scented with natural oils while others use synthetic fragrances. Look for a safe product that is out of reach of children and pets before using it.

Little Joe & Little Dog

Keep your car smelling fresh with these cute Little Joe and Little Dog air freshener. They feature a snap-in clip that fits into your car air vent and releases fragrance over 45 days. Designed and produced in Italy in collaboration with world-renowned fragrance houses, these air fresheners have alcohol-free scent oils and non-toxic plastic.

This fun Cowboy Joe air freshener features a green cute air fresheners color with a refreshing green tea scent that will sell fast at your car wash. This freestanding 3D character clips directly onto a car vent to circulate the scent. It can also be used in drawers, sports bags and cupboards.

This cute air freshener has a colorful design of a dog with happy eyes and long ears that will look great in your car. It is made of a thermoplastic and non-toxic polymer with a high concentration of fragrance oils that lasts for 60 days or more.


Unlike traditional air fresheners that mask or hide odors, Vitruvi’s products work to eliminate them. Their reusable essential oil diffusers emit a micromist of essential oils that fill a room with scent and help eliminate bacteria, fungus and viruses. Their products are also nontoxic and come with a lifetime warranty.

Founded by brother and sister Sean and Sara, the company believes safe products should be beautifully designed and built to last. Their mission is to help people make healthier choices for themselves and the planet. They are also committed to giving back.

Unlike some brands, VITRUVI uses pure and undiluted natural essential oils from plants sourced from over 30 counties. Their oils are free of fillers and chemical fragrances, and they’re bottled in black matte bottles to keep light from damaging the product. Their calming sleep blend helps relax racing and restless thoughts to promote the release of melatonin, helping you get a better night’s sleep. They also have a calming blend that helps improve mood, focus and energy. The Move diffuser is a seven-inch tall cylinder that you fill with two ounces of water spiked with a few drops of essential oil. Once charged, it can emit a scented mist for up to four hours or eight (when set to intermittent).

Little Trees

Known for their cute little tree design and scents, Little Trees are the global leader in automotive air fresheners, created by Car-Freshner in 1952. The slim carded air fresheners fit easily over rearview mirrors, and the fragrance lasts several weeks. The company’s rigorous testing and high quality standards ensure that Little Trees are safe for the environment as well as for people. Little Trees are available in a wide variety of fragrances, such as Vanillaroma and Black Ice. Scent preferences vary, however, so one person’s favorite may not be another’s. These are great for after a trip to the car wash, and can also be used in homes, laundry rooms, and garages.

Car Cutie

Young customers love Shopkins and their spinoffs, including the Cutie cute air fresheners Cars. These small die-cast cars are like Petkins crossed with vehicles, with each season coming out with a new car model that features the latest Shopkin character. Each car comes with an exclusive mini Shopkin that can be added to the collection.

Each air freshener is shaped like a cute car and features its own long-lasting scent that keeps your vehicle smelling nice. There are several scents to choose from: Rose – A bold floral that’s purr-fect for any car! Ocean Breeze – A clean scent that helps cover up unwanted smells in your vehicle! Coffee – A smooth, exhilarating scent to help get your day started off right! Black Frost – A clean and classic car fragrance that’s sure to keep your car smelling great!

A portion of proceeds from every Car Cuties sale benefits PAWS Chicago, an animal shelter dedicated to providing stray animals with veterinary and adoption services. This is an excellent way to support a good cause while helping your little ones stay happy and clean in their ride!

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