Honda Aluminum Wheel Kit

Honda Aluminum Wheel Kit

Honda aluminum wheel kit

All design, forging, heat treating, turning, machining and anodizing happens in the USA. The result is an ultralight, mass centric wheel set that increases performance in ways you can feel immediately.

Dymag wheels are DOT approved for street use. All double sided swingarm UP7X wheel sets include a Talon aluminum rear sprocket (where applicable). Aluminum captive wheel spacers and forged aluminum valve stems are included as well.

Lighter Weight

Weighing in at a mere 19 pounds the Core Moto Apex-6 Wheel is the lightest modern forged aluminum DOT wheel set in the world. The ultralight design was engineered to reduce unsprung weight and rotational mass resulting in a pure performance difference you can feel instantly.

To begin with, the rims are forged from high-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum. This process is highly controlled to distribute the metal evenly throughout the entire forged blank, optimizing strength & requiring less material (weight) in the final product. This process is followed by heat treating, shot peening and CNC machining to produce an extremely lightweight, yet structurally rigid wheel.

The sprocket is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining the proper belt fit and alignment for optimal power transfer. The result is a lighter than OEM pulley that improves belt tension, drive system compliance and overall horsepower.

The sprocket is anodized black to match the color of the wheels and includes metal locking sprocket nuts for added strength. It also comes with a center balance method to help ensure proper wheel placement and correct belt tension. It’s compatible with Honda Talon, Pioneer, Fourtrax and more leading ATV models.

Better Fuel Economy

The honda aluminum wheel kit is a great upgrade for anyone looking to get more out of their vehicle. It helps to improve acceleration, braking, and high-g cornering while also improving fuel efficiency. Plus, the wheels look much better than the stock steel wheels.

Alloy wheels are lighter than steel and can help to reduce your vehicles unsprung weight which leads to a more responsive suspension and better handling. They can also help to improve your gas mileage by reducing the amount of friction caused by the tires and wheels.

However, the fuel economy benefits of alloy wheels are more a result of reducing the rotational mass than the actual weight reduction of the wheels themselves. Unless you are honda aluminum wheel kit running very low rolling resistance tires, you won’t see any significant improvement in your gas mileage from changing to an alloy wheel.

Alloy wheels are also stronger than steel and can withstand the rigors of everyday driving, making them an ideal choice for the average driver. These wheels are also resistant to damage from road debris, deicers, and brake dust. They can be easily refinished or repaired, and the spokes will not crack as a result of curb strikes. They are also a good option for drivers who drive in areas with rough roads or snowy conditions. Steel wheels are often more susceptible to damage from these conditions.

Better Appearance

Add a touch of class to your ride with this beautiful set of honda aluminum wheels. These forged wheels look great with any style tire and help to improve fuel economy by reducing unsprung weight. They are also available in a variety of finishes so you can find the perfect look for your machine.

Powder coating your rims can degrade the aluminum, so you should be careful to choose a shop that preps them correctly (sand blasted, heat treated, and painted) to ensure they come out seat belt pad looking as good as possible for a long time. The OPs shop sounds like it did a pro job based on the pics they posted.

If you want to further improve your Honda Talon’s appearance you should consider upgrading your factory plastic center caps to these CNC machined billet aluminum versions from WCFab Side x Side. These are a much more durable design and have heavy duty o-rings to keep them in place. They’re also TPMS compatible and can be used with any factory lug nuts.

You can find a wide selection of Honda Talon wheel kits at your local ATV dealership or online. Some of them include a full set of front and rear rims, an apex 6 wheel kit, or a complete wheel and sprocket kit. Whatever you choose, make sure you take the time to read reviews and compare options before making a purchase.


A stronger wheel kit is the first upgrade most performance drivers make. This upgrade improves acceleration and braking, lowers the un-sprung weight to allow for more aggressive suspension settings and decreases the moment of inertia which will improve handling.

Flow formed wheels (also called Flow Forged) are manufactured using a very high pressure process to distribute the aluminum’s grain evenly, requiring less material for greater strength. This makes them lighter than cast or forged wheels. The wheels are then machined and milled on 3 and 5 axis CNC machines with carbide cutting tools to give them their final shape and finish.

The result is a strong wheel that has a higher load rating than most cast wheels. This is because the forging process forces the metal into a dense and strong shape while casting allows the granular aluminum to expand when it cools and results in a wheel that has a weaker structural integrity.

This is a complete set of wheels, hubs and spokes. The rim is constructed of 6061 t6 forged aluminum which is stronger than the stock rim and has a beautiful polished finish. The hub is also a forged hub from 6061 t6 aluminum and the spokes are made of super strong 65 Mn stainless steel to resist stripping. This a great value for a complete set of wheels that will look amazing and perform even better.

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