Honda Boss Kit

Honda Boss Kit

Designed to enable you to fit an aftermarket steering wheel on your cars factory mounting. Manufactured in Japan these boss kits feature dual mounting points to suit 6-bolt wheels with a 70mm or 74mm PCD (such as DriftShop, Sparco, Nardi, Personal and Momo etc) & deactivates airbag warnings where applicable.

Product Description

The honda boss kit allows you to fit a wider range of aftermarket steering wheels into your car. It is made of high-quality aluminium, which provides strength and durability. Its design ensures that the airbag retains its functionality, allowing you to upgrade your interior without having to worry about safety. It is also easy to install, making it a great option for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

The hkb boss kits are compatible with 99% of aftermarket steering wheels, thanks to their double drilled PCD (12 holes). This includes brands such as DriftShop, Sparco, Nardi, Personal, Momo and OMP. They are also made in Japan, guaranteeing a perfect fit and superior quality. In addition, they deactivate airbag warning lights where applicable and prevent them from illuminating on the dashboard.

Please note that the honda boss kit varies in spline size between different models. The OH-136 and OH-215 kits fit a 15mm diameter spline, while the OH-215L and OH-196 kits fit a 16mm diameter spline. This is an important difference and should be taken into consideration when ordering. If you are unsure which spline size your car uses, please contact us before buying. All hkb boss kits are model specific and provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self cancelling, airbag light cancellation and Hicas/cruise control function where applicable (depending on application). These items are not suitable for vehicles fitted with power steering.


The Honda boss kit is an essential upgrade for your car’s honda boss kit steering wheel. It allows you to mount your favorite aftermarket steering wheel while maintaining the crucial airbag functionality. This kit is compatible with most aftermarket steering wheels, including Nardi, Personal, Momo, Sparco and more. It is made in Japan and features a double-drilled design to accommodate a wide range of 6-hole aftermarket steering wheels.

The honda boss kit is designed to be easily installed and removed. It is also made of high quality materials to ensure a long-lasting finish. In addition, it is easy to install on any type of steering wheel. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enhance their car’s interior styling and driving responsiveness.

Designed specifically for the Honda EK, EP3 and S2000 with airbags, this Honda boss kit is an excellent choice for upgrading your steering wheel. It will allow you to use a variety of aftermarket steering wheels and provides a comfortable grip for racing driving. It also maintains the important airbag functions, eliminating the risk of accidental deployment during a crash.

All HKB boss kits are designed to work with 99% of the steering wheels out there, thanks to their model specific fit and double drilled design. They provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self cancelling, airbag light cancelling and HICAS operation (depending on application). They are all made in Japan and guaranteed a perfect fit.


Honda boss kits are designed to give you a great deal more grip and leverage when using your aftermarket steering wheel. They also help to keep the factory wheel in place and prevent it from spinning freely on the shaft. The quick detach design also allows you to remove the wheel easily when needed. They are available in a variety of colors to match your existing steering wheel.

Made in Japan, these HKB steering wheel bosses are double drilled and compatible with both Nardi/Personal as well as Momo/Sparco/OMP steering wheels. They also feature a low profile design to solve the problem of adding a quick release bosskit and being unable to reach the indicator and wiper switch on your car.

The boss kit comes with everything you need for a plug-and-play upgrade. It includes a relay to allow horn operation from your steering wheel, indicator self-cancelling and airbag light cancelling. This kit also works on cars with HICAS.

Installing the honda boss kit is pretty straightforward. First, you need to remove your factory steering wheel from the column. Then, install the new boss kit and aftermarket steering wheel. Reinstall the horn ring/centre cover and column nut. Once that is done, you’re good to go! Depending on how small of a diameter you choose for your wheel, you may need to shorten the inidcator stalk accordingly.


If the product is defective, a replacement will be issued upon return of the original unit. A 15% up to 50% restocking fee will apply depending on the condition of the product at the time of return. Free Shipping carrier [UPS Ground] will be chosen at BOSS Audio’s sole discretion.

Made in Japan, HKB boss kits are double drilled to work with most steering wheel brands (Nardi, Personal, Momo, Sparco and OMP) and allow plug & play horn operation, indicator self-cancelling and airbag light cancellation where applicable. They are also collapsible for superior impact absorption, and are a must for anyone installing an aftermarket steering wheel.

All MOMO hub / boss kits are bmw e46 steering wheel hub collapsible, unlike rigid pressed steel versions that can deform and potentially impale the driver in the event of a crash. These units are designed to be programmed to absorb outstanding impacts through a pre-programmed deformation, increasing your safety in the event of a collision and reducing potential injuries to yourself or others.

MOMO has one of the largest hub kit applications catalogue in the industry, offering fitments for hundreds of different vehicles. They are easy to install and come with everything needed to eliminate the factory airbag and prevent a dashboard warning light from illuminating. All hub / boss kits are made in Italy from cast aluminum.

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