Steering Wheel Short Hub

Steering Wheel Short Hub

Steering wheel short hub is needed when installing a 6 bolt aftermarket steering wheel (standard pattern) onto the 91-98 Toyota MR2. NRG Innovation has designed this product especially so that an aftermarket steering wheel installed with a quick release kit still mounts in the same location and not too close to the driver. Made of high quality aluminum and one piece solid construction for maxim durability and usability.

What is a Hub Adapter?

This hub adapter allows for the installation of aftermarket steering wheels with a 6 bolt mounting pattern from brands like OMP, MOMO, Sparco, Nardi, etc. onto the 91-98 Toyota MR2. This hub adapter also is required when installing a quick release system as it will not work without one.

This wheel hub adapter comes in either a single-piece or two-piece design depending on the vehicle and/or wheel that is being installed. To select the proper hub adapter, enter in the vehicle’s hub diameter as indicated on your factory wheel (this can be sourced from your dealer steering wheel short hub OR measured with micrometers or calipers by local machine shops). Wheel stud size is entered next, this can be sourced from your wheel, OR determined by the hub centric measurement of the adapter.

Thickness of the adapter is simply to determine how far out the wheel will be, a thicker hub adapter will push your wheel out further, similar to using a wheel spacer. NRG short hubs are designed so that when paired with the quick release steering kit, your aftermarket steering wheel will not sit too close to the driver. They are made of the highest quality aluminum, utilizing one piece solid construction for maximum durability.

What is a Short Hub Adapter?

A short hub adapter is a necessary part for installing aftermarket steering wheels on the 91-98 Toyota MR2. The hub adapter converts the standard 5 and 6 bolt pattern on the factory Toyota wheel to the common 6 bolt mounting pattern used by most aftermarket steering wheels. These hubs are compatible with all aftermarket steering wheels that use a 6 bolt mounting pattern including OMP, MOMO, Nardi, Sparco, and more. These NRG hubs are a special “short” version that is designed to be used with a quick release kit and still mount the steering wheel in the same position (not too close to the driver). These hubs are manufactured using a single piece solid design for maximum durability.

Disclaimer: Steering wheel replacement can remove or inactivate airbag functionality and is not recommended for street / racing use.

What is a Quick Release Hub Adapter?

A quick release hub adapter is a piece that goes between your aftermarket steering wheel and your hub. It’s an add on, so you can usually install one any time you want to put a new Aluminum wheel adapter boss kit steering wheel on your car. These are typically used on aftermarket steering wheels like Momo or Nardi. They will usually come with the wheel, or you can buy them separately.

The NRG short hub adapter is a great way to improve the ergonomics of your vehicle. It will space the steering wheel out so you are not as close to your shifter. It is also a good choice to help prevent your hands from burning while driving for long periods of time.

Another benefit of a quick release hub adapter is that it provides anti-theft security. You can lock your steering wheel in place with the quick release, so no one can steal your wheel and you still have full functionality of the horn and other controls.

NRG’s Gen 2.0 quick release hub is a great addition to any aftermarket steering wheel, and it can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. It is designed with a number of features that you cannot find on traditional ball-lock style quick releases, such as a raised section that will help prevent the hub from stretching and a self locking feature that increases safety and functionality.

What is a NRG Hub Adapter?

NRG Innovations hub adapters and spacers are engineered utilizing one piece solid construction for the maximum in durability and usability. These units were designed specifically for aftermarket steering wheels installed with NRG quick release kits. The short hub allows the wheel to mount in the same location but not too close to the driver.

The hub features raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub while a self locking feature adds security. These hubs are a must have for anyone looking to add a stylish, comfortable and functional steering wheel.

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