Benefits of an Outdoor Pergola

outdoor pergola

Benefits of an Outdoor Pergola

A pergola can act as a trellis for flowering vines such as climbing roses, clematis and wisteria. Other options include honeysuckle, passion flowers and even potato vines.

Pergolas can be installed on a patio, deck or other solid surface. If you want to fasten the structure to a house, you may need a permit and inspection.

Shelter from the Sun

A pergola is a great way to provide shade for outdoor seating or dining areas, keeping people cool and comfortable. The shady structure blocks out some of the harsh Medium-sized outdoor pergola summer sun’s ultraviolet rays, while still allowing for a gentle breeze to pass through.

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to other structures, such as homes, decks, or entryways. An attached pergola serves as a welcoming gateway to a home’s outdoor living space and helps to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

An open rafter or grid-style pergola can provide shade with the addition of climbing plants, such as flowering vines or creepers. The greenery creates a natural canopy over the area and adds beauty to the yard. Pergolas can also be dressed up with curtains or other accessories to create a charming atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing in the garden.

While a pergola provides some protection from the sun, it does not protect furniture or other outdoor items from rain or wind. If you want full coverage, a gazebo might be a better option for your garden.


When family and friends gather under a pergola to barbecue, dine al fresco or relax in a lounge chair, they enjoy the sense of a private oasis. Whether you add soft curtains, airy wood lattice or a wire grid engulfed with climbing vines, the structure creates boundaries that muffle the sounds of neighbors’ lawnmowers and traffic from nearby streets.

Because they don’t rely on solid walls, pergolas allow cool breezes to flow through the space during hot summer days. This helps to keep the area comfortable and invites natural light into the backyard, creating a cozy setting for entertaining.

If you want to block the sun’s direct rays on mid-day patios, you can also install fabric shades beneath the pergola’s rafters. These can be fixed triangular shade sails or retractable awnings that are custom-designed to fit each rafter bay and can be manually adjusted to suit the sun’s movement throughout the day.

While a free-standing pergola can be an attractive addition to a backyard, many homeowners choose to attach their pergolas to the side of a home to create a cozy outdoor living room. To do so, a ledger board is secured to the rim joist of the home, then covered with a water-resistive barrier to prevent rot. This also allows the pergola to be trimmed with siding on the house’s sides for a seamless look.

Protection from Insects

The natural beauty of your backyard can be ruined by the presence of insects. These critters sting, bite and terrify people and can limit the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces. Adding insect-repelling features to your pergola can protect your guests from such pests while creating an inviting ambiance.

Pergola screens offer a simple and affordable way to create privacy in your patio. They can also help to shield your space from gusty winds, excessive sunlight and rain. The perforated design of these screens allows cool breezes to flow through your outdoor space, enhancing comfort during hot summer retractable roof days. The screens can also be opened or closed to suit your needs and the weather conditions in your area.

To make your patio more bug-free, try using plants and flowers that repel bugs. Plants and flowers that produce essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus, sweet orange, marigold, thyme, basil and lavender are effective in deterring bugs from your outdoor space. You can also use a mixture of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol to spray around the perimeter of your patio. This mixture will also repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects without blocking the natural light from your pergola.

Staining and sealing your wood pergola can also prevent damage from harsh winter weather. This is particularly important with pressure-treated pine and cedar, which will turn gray over time if they are not protected from the elements.


A pergola offers a stunning design element that elevates the look of outdoor spaces. Its lattice form allows you to customize shade and sun protection based on your preferences. You can also add climbing and flowering vines to fill the space with a natural canopy. Infuse the space with a variety of lighting options to set a cozy ambiance for evening gatherings.

The enchanting interplay of light and shadow turns your pergola into a unique piece of artwork that captures your senses. It can transform your backyard into a serene setting for solitary meditation or a vibrant space for hosting summer soirees and family gatherings.

Choose the best furniture to suit your pergola’s style and comfort requirements. Select seating and dining furniture that can withstand outdoor conditions, as well as align with your chosen theme. Incorporate other decorative elements, such as flowers, rugs, and planters to create a cohesive landscape.

Pergolas are not just a functional addition to outdoor spaces; they can also increase your home’s value. At Green Impressions, we are passionate about helping our customers turn their outdoor living spaces into irresistible retreats that blend beautifully with nature. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your backyard transformation. Our skilled designers will help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your pergola and other outdoor living areas.

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