This boss kit is suitable for DriftShop, Sparco, Momo and OMP steering wheels. It is made from strong, high-quality metal and aluminium. It has 6 holes for screws and a PCD of 70mm.

This model includes a detailed and faithfully reproduced body, typical wheel arch extensions, a separate hood, multi-part four-cylinder engine, detailed exhaust system, rubber-like tires, authentic decals and instructions. It is recommended for model building enthusiasts ages 10 and up.

Steering Wheel Hub

A steering wheel hub is a simple part that keeps your steering wheel attached to the car and helps you steer it. It also holds the speed sensor that sends information to your anti-lock braking system about how fast your wheels are turning in order to determine whether or not the system should engage.

Hub kits are a must-have when upgrading to aftermarket steering wheels, particularly the larger ones like those used in racing. They are available in many different sizes and bolt patterns to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. A good quality hub kit will have a beauty cover that you affix over it before mounting your steering wheel for a neater look and to tie in your new wheel’s theme with your car’s interior design.

Most hub kit manufacturers will have a specific listing for their products in terms of vehicle compatibility and spline count. This will be provided in the product description and installation instructions. The most accurate way to determine which steering wheel hub is right for you is to check the spline count of your original steering column.

This boss kit allows you to mount Momo steering wheels that have a 6×70 mm bolt pattern, as well as any other steering wheel with the same bolt PCD. It comes complete with everything you need to mount your wheel including the fixing screws, allen key and horn button retaining ring. If you have an airbag-equipped vehicle, please purchase the corresponding horn button resistor kit.

Steering Wheel Adapter

Steering wheel adapters are the middle man that connects your new steering wheel to your column. JEGS stocks an assortment of adapters from some of the best in the business, providing a secure connection between your column and your new steering wheel. They are available for both tilt and non-tilt columns, and most spline counts. When choosing an adapter, it is important to know both the spline count of your current column and the bolt pattern of your new steering wheel. This will help you avoid the frustration of purchasing a new wheel that doesn’t fit your car or truck.

Many aftermarket steering wheels have a different bolt pattern than the original equipment wheel. This requires an adapter to match the different GOLF GOLF1 BOSS KIT mounting holes. These are available for a wide range of steering wheel brands including DriftShop, Sparco and Momo. Adapters are also available in black, chrome and polished or machined aluminum to compliment your steering wheel and interior.

A Boss Kit is the ideal solution to relocate your aftermarket steering wheel into a comfortable driving position and retain the horn and indicator functions. These are designed to suit most SAAS, Momo and Nardi style wheels and are supplied with horn button, horn wiring and fixing screws. They are engineered to collapse on impact so they meet strict German TUV safety standards.

Steering Wheel Quick Release

The Boss Kit is designed to locate your aftermarket steering wheel in a comfortable driving position whilst retaining the horn and indicator functions. Unlike many other boss kits on the market that use cheap plastic parts, MOMO’s kit utilizes high-quality aluminium for both strength and style. Designed to collapse upon impact, the hubs exceed all safety standards including the ultra-strict German TUV.

Suitable for all aftermarket steering wheels with 6-holes for screws and 70mm PCD (MOMO, DriftShop, Sparco, OMP etc…), the kit includes everything you need for installation; including the fixing screws, allen key and horn button retaining ring. For airbag cars, a resistor is also included (ref. 615000).

Please note that the replacement of the factory steering wheel with an aftermarket one will disable the driver’s airbag and any other airbags installed in the car. Please refer to the vehicle’s instruction manual for further information.

GOLF1 boss kits are designed to be used on vehicles fitted with airbags, however replacement of the factory steering wheel will disable the airbag system in all positions and should only be attempted by qualified technicians. Improper installation could lead to an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

Steering Wheel Bolts

The GOLF1 Boss Kit was designed to be the ideal steering wheel upgrade for your Volkswagen Golf Mk2. This kit allows you to mount a steering wheel with a 6x70mm bolt pattern on your VW Golf 1 (74-83). This kit is compatible with all steering wheels with a 6x70mm bolt PCD, including the popular Momo and OMP steering wheels.

The original Golf Mk1 was the car that put VW’s new hatchback concept on the map. Its efficient “two-box” layout and sharp hatchback were the first of their kind and helped the Golf become a top-selling nameplate.

Its distinctive appearance was enhanced by shift knobs the use of GTI trademark red outlined front grilles, 15-inch (38 cm) steel-alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler that matched the black plastic bodywork. In 1978, the US-market Rabbit Pickup was added, a utility model with a rear cargo bay that used the same tailgate as the hatchback.

It also included a padded armrest, a larger windshield, and a more powerful 90 kW/120 hp gasoline-injected engine. It remained in production until it was replaced by the Mk2 Golf in September 1983, and a similar Caddy version went into production in SR Yugoslavia until the war broke out in 1992. This limited edition Citi Golf was the first Mk1-based Volkswagen to be sold in South Africa and was powered by a 90 kW/120 hp 1.8L fuel injected gasoline engine with five-speed manual transmission.

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