How to Make a Right-Handed Gear Shifter Knob Automatic

How to Make a Right-Handed Gear Shifter Knob Automatic

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your manual transmission vehicle, consider replacing your shift knob. You can find a wide variety of aftermarket options available in various colors and finishes.

Depending on the design of your shifter, you may need to remove the plastic peice that holds the knob on. Then you can screw on your replacement.

Easy to Operate

Using a manual shift knob is a bit of a challenge for right-handed drivers, but it can be made easy by installing a new shift knob. There are many types of gear shift knobs to choose from, including different styles and colors. Some even have gear shifter knob automatic a unique design or logo that adds to the style of your car’s interior. You can also find different styles of shift knobs from various manufacturers, including B&M, Hurst, Lokar, and Speed Dawg.

Shift knobs are usually attached to the shift lever with a screw or thread. Some have a built-in threading that allows you to remove the knob with a tool. Others use a screw or retaining clip to secure the knob in place. In either case, it is important to replace a worn or loose shift knob immediately. Driving with a loose shift knob can be very frustrating and dangerous.

When choosing a replacement shift knob, consider quality, material, color, and attachment style. You can also choose a knob that is compatible with your vehicle’s year, make, and model to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation. There are also a wide variety of shift knobs to choose from, including metal, plastic, and leather. Some are even engraved with letters, numbers, and symbols to indicate what gear the transmission is in.

Easy to Clean

A car’s gear shift knob gets dirty fast. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, it can look grimy and gross. The dirt comes from the sweat, oil and other residue that accumulates on your hands throughout the day. Even using hand lotion or eating something greasy can transfer these substances to the shift knob. Dirt can also get into your vehicle through open windows, door vents and air that blows on the dash and seats from outside. It can also be caused by the sun’s UV rays, which cause leather to fade and dry out.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to clean your gear shift knob. A good place to start is with plain water, which can remove most of the soda. Afterward, you can use a cleaning solution or soap to finish the job. Be sure to re-lubricate the sliding parts afterward.

There are many aftermarket shift knobs to choose from, ranging from old-school wood balls to high performance ones with different shapes and designs. JEGS offers a wide selection of manual and automatic transmission shift knobs from B&M, Hurst, Lokar, Speed Dawg, and other top-quality manufacturers. They can add a customized touch to your vehicle’s interior, making it more personal. They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and attachment styles. Some can be threaded or screwed on and others are attached with a retaining clip.

Easy to Install

A shift knob can add some style to a manual transmission car or truck. It’s an easy modification, and you can usually buy one at a relatively low cost. There are two ways to take off the old shift knob: through a built-in threading at the bottom of the knob and inside the shifter, or through a screw that holds it onto the shifter. Either way, it’s a simple process to replace the knob.

The first step is to turn off the key and put your vehicle in neutral to prevent shifting accidentally while you’re working. Then, you can lift up the shift boot and disconnect the wiring plug that passes through it. There may be a small clip holding the boot collar onto the OEM knob; these are fragile, so use a light touch. Once the retaining clips are free, the collar should slide up and off of the boot.

Once the boot is removed, you can take out the shift knob adapter screw and set it aside. If the knob is still attached to a lockout rod, you’ll need to remove that too, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Next, place the stainless steel shift knob core leather steering wheel cover over the knob adapter collar and line up the cutouts on the shift lever with those on the knob body.

Easy to Maintain

Some drivers believe that resting their hand on a weighted shift knob can damage the transmission, but this is simply not true. The fact is that a shift knob only transmits force through the selector fork and shift collar. In order for that force to cause any damage, it would need to be significant and sustained, resulting in metal-to-metal contact with the gear shifter. It would also need to be in a downward vertical direction, which most drivers recognize as the sign that they are shifting into another gear.

Rather, the most likely culprit of premature transmission wear is bad rev-matching or aggressive shifting, which is more often the case with novice manual drivers than experienced ones. However, a weighted shift knob can make all the difference in the world by reducing the stress on these components and making them last longer.

When shopping for a new shift knob, it is important to choose one that matches your vehicle’s year, make and model to guarantee compatibility and easy installation. There are various styles to choose from, including thread/screw-on, push-in and bolt-on models as well as different materials like plastic, aluminum, and leather. There are also various colors and finishes to suit your ride’s interior. Some models even include interchangeable Delrin covers that can be screwed on to change the look of your shift knob in seconds.

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